Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have [insert type] of cover?

At the moment, I mostly design covers for contemporary romance novels, but if there is a demand for other genres, then I'm willing to add them to my catalogue! If you wish for a different genre, please make a "suggestion" via my contact page, and if there's high enough demand, I will add these designs to my catalogue.

On what e-book sites can I use your covers?

I design my covers in 1600 x 2560 pixels which is a perfect fit for most ebook sites, including but not limited to iBooks, Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble etc. However, if you purchase a cover and would like it resized to a custom size, I can do that for free!

I'd like a similar design of my cover for a series. Is that possible?

Yes! If you've purchased a cover from me and you'd like some more covers to match for a series, then please contact me and I will design your extra cover(s) at the same price of your original cover. (This is a bargain, as paying for custom covers elsewhere will cost you at least $199!)

Where do you get your images?

If you commission me for a cover, all my covers are purchased with the relevant commercial licenses from iStockphoto or Shutterstock. I absolutely do not use commercially free images for commissioned covers.

But some of your pre-made covers utilise commercially free images. Isn't that bad?

There's a myth that using commercially free images is "bad" because their availability means it's more likely that another designer would use them, and while this might be true, the same can be said for using stock photos. There is also the worry that commercially free images may not be verified properly i.e. a "creator" could post art that isn't theirs, or use a model who hasn't given rights to use them this way. I try my best to confirm that the images I use CAN be used in the format I choose, while also verifying that the artist owns the image (i.e. I only take images from verified profiles on Pexels; verified profiles are usually run by artists who take photos of only themselves or usually of objects, never images of strangers without their consent -- find an example of a verified profile here). If you don't want to risk it, however, please feel free to ask if a pre-made cover uses a commercially free image and I will gladly let you know! 

I'd like my cover edited for an audiobook. Can you do this?

Most definitely. The cost for an audiobook version of your purchased cover is $30.

I don't have a title or other details yet, can I still purchase a pre-made cover?

Absolutely. You can purchase any cover that catches your fancy, and if you aren't ready to use them yet, just let me know and I will keep them in reserve for you. Whenever you're ready, simply shoot me an email with the details and I will begin your design(s).

I've decided the design I purchased doesn't fit my story. Can I return it or exchange it?

Unfortunately, once you have purchased a design and I have completed it for you, you CANNOT return it or exchange it for a different design. If you require a different design, you must pay for that design. Please read through the Terms of Service for more information.

Have a question I haven't answered? Feel free to contact me!