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Terms of Service




After I have received payment for your chosen design(s), I will edit the cover by swapping out the placement title and author name and replacing it with your own title and author name. Should you provide a tagline and author accolades (i.e. bestselling author), then I will add those onto the cover as well.


If you have added any extras i.e. a promo pack or paperback package, I will contact you after I have received your payment for a pull quote to put on the promo pack, and/or your thoughts on how you'd like your paperback to look.


I will then send you a preview of these design(s); you are allowed five free iterations if you have any more changes to make. It costs $1+ for every ebook cover  iteration after your first free five, and $5+ for every paperback and promo pack iteration after your first free five.


Once I receive your approval, and you have paid any possible outstanding fees, then I will send you the final HD files.



Should you email for a commissioned piece, I will send you an initial invoice via paypal of the commission fee ($40). I will only start working on your design AFTER payment has been made.

If you don't like my original design, you are allowed five free iterations. It costs $1.50+ for every iteration after your first free five; paperback and promo pack fees and iterations apply the same as for pre-made covers: see above.

The final HD files will be sent to you (pending your approval) after the delivery fee ($20) and any other possible outstanding fees have been paid.

Note that while I can merge two to three images to form one unique cover, I can only change the fonts, and in rare occasions, the colour scheme of the images, but I cannot alter the image itself i.e changing clothing, hair style, hair or eye colour, removing/adding tattoos, altering character poses etc. 


Once you fill in the purchase form or I accept your commission, you will be sent an invoice via PayPal. All invoices must be responded to within 24-48 hours, except on weekends. If there is no response within the required timeframe, this will result in a cancellation of your order.

My work with you begins only after I have received payment. Please refer to the pricing & commissions page for more information.

All sales, including commission fees, delivery fees, and all other fees, are final and non-refundable. Please be sure you absolutely want a design before you pay for it. You CANNOT return or exchange a design for another once payment has been made, and I have started working on the design(s). An exchange for a different but equally priced product may be considered ONLY IF I have not yet started working your design(s).

You can pay for a design even if you do not have a title or other details ready for it. Once payment has been made, I will keep the design(s) in reserve for you for as long as you need. Whenever you are ready, just shoot me an email with your product's details, and I will immediately get started on your design(s).


You cannot use a design in any method, commercially or non-commercially, until you have paid the full invoice and I have delivered your final good(s) to you.

Once you have paid the full invoice, you can use the cover on promotional materials only e.g. bookmarks, social media posts etc.

You cannot alter, redesign or resell a design once it has been purchased, including but not limited to resizing the design for a different purpose i.e. an audio book or a paperback. This violates several copyrights, not limited to myself, the creators of the fonts used in the design, and the respective photographers of the images used in the design. If you wish for a paperback cover or an audio book cover based on your purchased design, I am more than happy to do this for you. Please refer to my FAQ and the pricing & commissions page for more info.


You cannot reuse the design once it has been purchased and already been used for a product i.e. you've published a book with the design. Please refer to my FAQ if you wish to obtain a similar design for a new product. Should you want a similar design for a book series etc. I am more than happy to work with you on that.


I retain the rights to my designs. All designs are copyrighted to Viano Oniomoh and should state so in the copyrights page of your book i.e. "Cover design by Viano Oniomoh at" or alternatively, "Cover design by Vee at". Buying a cover from my shop does not transfer the design rights to you.


Individual photographs and fonts displayed are copyrighted to their respective photographers and creators, and used in accordance to the rights from third-party vendors and design software(s).

I retain the right to display my designs on my portfolio, including but not limited to this website, twitter, faceboook, and instagram. I will however respect your promotional plans and will not share your cover until you either request I do, or have otherwise made it public.

I retain the right to decline clients for any reason I see fit, including but not limited to if you have previously violated my TOS or failed to fulfil an invoice before the deadline on a previous occasion.


All invoices will be sent within 24-48 working hours, excluding weekends and holidays. My work hours are 9AM - 5PM on weekdays, based on WAT (West African Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)/UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) + 1 hour standard time.

Initial design preview(s), once payment has been made, will be sent to you within 24-48 working hours after purchase (except for weekends and holidays). Once you approve of your design(s), the final file(s) will be sent to you within another 24-48 working hours (except weekends and holidays).

I usually send invoices and final design(s) within the first 24 hours, but have nevertheless left a leeway in case I have a heavier workload.


For the purpose of contacting you, your first name and email are collected via my purchase form. This information will remain private and used for its intended purpose only; I will NOT share this information with anyone, and will not use this info for purposes other than what they are intended.

This page was updated on 17|01|2023 at 11:49 WAT.

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